FCL Shipping

What is an FCL Shipment?
FCL is a term used in ocean freight to describe shipments that consist of a full container load, or
a shipment that consists of only a single type of container which is not shared with other
shippers. Standard container sizes are 20’ and 40’ containers; both sizes offer standard and high
cube sizing. The shipper doesn’t have to share the container with cargo booked by other shippers,
which enhances security and simplifies ocean freight logistics management.
In FCL, the buyer is renting the whole container space at a fixed rate, apart from the fixed ocean
freight cost, the buyer also needs to consider some additional fixed costs.
Shipping rates differ based on the route’s demand similar to commercial air travel, so it is
advised to check the rates depending on when and where the container is going to be shipped.
Benefits of FCL
Safe & Secure
FCL is the best option for shipping fragile goods because it provides specialized containers that
help to ship fragile goods and chemical vials safely from one place to another.
FCL assures the safe delivery of the container with minimum risks.
FCL freight is cost-effective as the calculation is done based on a cubic centimeter which costs a
shipper much less than in LCL. FCL provides transparency to the shipper regarding how they
will utilize the space of the container.
Saves Time
FCL provides a faster transportation service that helps the shipper to transport the goods at a
faster pace which is cost-effective as it requires less time.
Easy Tracking
Innovative technologies like automation in the logistics field have made the transportation
process a lot easier. Now the shipper can easily get real-time updates about their shipment. FCL
freight provides the shipper with the facility to easily track goods as it travels from one place to
another. This not only helps the shipper in keeping track of the goods but also helps them in
determining a clear estimate of the time taken to finish the shipment process.
Goods delivered in a bunch
FCL delivers goods in a single bunch that helps the shipper in sending bulk amounts in a single
trip. Moreover, it also makes the transfer process faster and unpacking a lot easier.