LCL Shipping

What is meant by LCL?
LCL (Less-than-container Load) is a shipping term used to describe container loads that are
filled with multiple orders or goods. When a small volume of the stock is shipped by container
ship, it is more economical to use LCL that combines your delivery with other orders, and this is
termed ‘Less-than-container Load’.
LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipping can be a cheaper alternative to FCL (Full Container
Load) shipping. The major difference is that you are sharing a container with other importers
instead of using up the whole container, and you don’t need to have enough stock to fill an entire
container load. You need to pay only for the space that you are using instead of paying for the
whole container space. This is particularly helpful for smaller businesses, or first-time importers
who are just testing import-export.
Why LCL?
● You should prefer LCL if you are shipping a small number of goods, or products that
don’t take up much space. A lot of companies won’t be buying enough stock to fill an
entire container and in such cases LCL becomes crucial.
● You only need to pay for the volume you use inside a container.
● You can ship fewer goods more frequently, reducing overheads and warehousing space.
● LCL is a Cost-effective method to transport low-volume goods.
● LCL can create Increased available vessel capacity to ship consignments more quickly.
● You can transport multiple types of goods, and it is the best option for shipping if you are
a beginner